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Amendment Directive 2006/66/EC

According EU-Regulation 2013/56/EU of the European Parlament the exceptions for Cadmium in batteries and accumulators for mobilepower tools limited until December, 31th, 2016 and for mercury in coin cells limited until October, 1st, 2015 are cancelled.
First time sale in the EU is from the above mentioned dates not allowed any more. Batteries that are already anywhere in the EU in stock are excepted from that regulation.

We, as Fey Elektronik, would like to inform you right now and give you professionell support, to prepare you already today for the time of prohibition.

The complete regulation you will find » here.

Transport regulations
Changing of IATA regulation

Starting 1. January, 2015 the shipping of Lithium-Metall-Batteries in passenger aircrafts is prohibited. That does not apply for Lithium-Metal-Batteries packed with or in equipment. For detailled informations please have a look into the » IATA-statement. Please take that change already now into consideration.

Generell requirement for the approval of Lithium batteries/cells for transportation is the proof of successful testing according UN-manual "Test and Criteria" part III, 38.3, independently whether the alleviation allowed by different regulations can be occupied or the batteries have to be shipped under the full strength of the dangerous goods regulations.

Detailed informations and amendments should be requested at the responsible institutions.


Batteries may be sold only, if it is warranteed, that consumers can return the used batteries. They have to be returned for disposal to the seller or a specially established institution which gathers the quantities. It is not allowed to dispose off old batteries together with household rubbish.

We as Fey Elektronik, as seller of batteries and accumulators are responsible of taking back these products from our customers. Therefore Fey Elektronik GmbH joined Stiftung Gemeinsames Rücknahmesystem Batterien (GRS).
The recycling rate for used industrial batteries is 100% in accordance with § 15 (3) BattG.

For more information click » here.