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Fey Elektronik was founded in 1991 by Jürgen Fey. His philosophy, supplying his customers with high quality products and an extensively consultation, is still the base of the companies success. This concept is supported by our dedicated, motivated employees.

Fey Elektronik looks back on more than 20 years experience in development, design and assembly of battery packs in Germany.
The interaction of high performance batteries/accumulators and our standard 100% final inspection of all battery packs is the essential factor of our lasting success in battery assembling.
The periodical education and training of our employees in R&D, design and production is self-evident, to be always one step ahead of batterymarket- development.
Our large and high technology machine equipment is meticulously periodically inspected and verified to meet and fullfill the actual standards of battery assembling.

For many years we make in-house tests for transportation approvals UN3090/UN3480. With our test laboratory we can realize shorter throughput to get the transport certificate and our customers benefit from that fact and bring their products quickly out to the market.

Motivated & Engaged

Our employees are our success! Well educated, motivated and flexible.
With competence and experience they solve their tasks independently and responsibly. Our sales staff supports you realizing your needs cost efficient and in time. We offer system solutions with batteries and matching chargers.

Quality is the main challenge in a fast and continuous growing world market. Manufacturing costs alone are not the only factor to decide about the best place to produce. The summary of quality, manufacturing costs and flexibility makes our customers buying battery packs "Made in Germany". For this purpose, Fey and its manufacturing subsidiary Cellcon maintain a joint quality management system. This is intended to standardize production processes, make them effective and error-free, with the aim of ensuring every time that our products are of a quality that meets customer expectations. Our company, which is certified according to two international quality management standards, is subject to constant internal and external controls by our customers and notified bodies.

Environmental Protection
Products, processes and procedures are developed and used by us in accordance with the current state of the art in an environmentally friendly manner. In accordance with this guiding principle, Fey, as according to the international environmental management standard certified company, complies with all environmental protection laws, requirements and standards that apply to it. An essential part of our environmental policy is the responsible and economical use of natural resources and the avoidance or minimization of waste. Both are subject to our continuous monitoring in order to discover further potential here. Whenever possible and as far as the legal regulations for the transport of dangerous goods allow, Fey uses recyclable packaging materials or returnable packaging to ship its products. Minimizing the use of hazardous substances is a development criterion for our products. The handling of hazardous substances that must be used in the manufacture of our products only takes place after the implementation of necessary protective measures and after the employees have been thoroughly instructed in order to keep health and environmental risks as low as possible.

With the 2030 Agenda adopted in 2015, the world community under the umbrella of the United Nations committed itself to 17 global goals for a better future. Fey welcomes this global sustainability initiative and contributes to achieving these goals with its work. When conducting its business, Fey places high demands on corporate and social responsibility, ethical business practices and compliance with all mandatory applicable laws and regulations. Dealing fairly with all interested parties of our company, observing the principles of fair competition and complying with international anti-corruption rules are essential components of our business philosophy alongside the economic, ecological and social aspects. In 2015, Fey established rules for itself in its own » Code of Conduct that apply to relationships with its customers, suppliers and all other interested parties. It expects its suppliers to introduce comparable principles in their companies and to use these as the basis for mutual relationships. Like all group companies, Fey acts in accordance with the » Sustainability Policy of Addtech AB.

Whistleblower function
Addtech, including Fey Elektronik GmbH, strives to maintain a transparent business climate and high business ethics. We value the safety and respect of everyone affected by our business. For this reason, we offer a whistle-blower service that can be used by anyone to report irregularities that violate our values and code of conduct. To ensure the anonymity of the whistle-blower function, we work with an external partner, Whistle B. Follow the link below to access the external whistle-blower site. There you will find more information and you can select several languages.

Location Contact details
Head office  
Fey Elektronik GmbH
Storchenweg 3
D-21217 Seevetal
Tel. : +49(0)40-703 8888 0
Fax : +49(0)40-703 8888 55
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Sales office west  
Vertriebsbüro West
Fey Elektronik GmbH
Herr Frank Werkes
D-47877 Willich
Tel. : +49(0)2156 - 915 71 85
Fax : +49(0)2156 - 915 71 86
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Sales office central Germany  
Vertriebsbüro Mitte
Fey Elektronik GmbH
Herr Hans-Martin Steinhauer
D-32549 Bad Oeynhausen
Tel. : +49(0)5734 - 669 556
Fax : +49(0)5734 - 669 732
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Sales office south  
Vertriebsbüro Süd
Fey Elektronik GmbH
Herr Jörg Haaga
D-70597 Stuttgart
Tel. : +49(0)711 - 99 75 78 - 40
Fax : +49(0)711 - 99 75 78 - 41
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